Sunday, May 5, 2013

Game Play Update

As has been obvious to anyone dropping by here I haven't been very active lately. That's the bad news. The good news is that it's been a busy time for gaming since JimCon in November.

Around the new year I was invited to join a group for a game held every two weeks. The home it is hosted in has a dedicated game room which is very nice and the hosts are active gamers (thanks Greg and Sara). Our first meet up was to decide what kind of experience we wanted to build here. We came to a decision that we would start with Basic D&D to create a campaign. I offered to DM (the players are Greg aka Radek, Sara aka Emmie, Jim aka Greybeard, Tyler aka Philippe and Paul aka Rogan). It was discussed that perhaps we could play a variety of game systems but most of the players wanted an ongoing campaign so they could develop their characters. I suggested that we could possibly have a campaign where the characters are transported to different worlds that would support a unique genre and allow the use of a new game with characters being converted to the new system. We've been going through the "Haunted Keep" and that's been very fun and of course it supports basic. I'll be switching us over to Castles & Crusades soon as it will be easier to convert the majority of the materials I have in mind for the near future. Once we move to C&C I'm not sure that moving away from that sytem will be necessary. Horror and Pulp adventures are being considered and I may just run something with the Lejendary Adventure rules. Only time will tell.

Also in the new year I was invited (through JimCon acquaintances) to come out for a monthly game day being put on by people interested in miniatures gaming. I've been playing Battletech with Nathan.  My game is starting to see some improvement. I'm actually using some tactics. I missed this last month but am looking forward to using my new miniatures next a few weeks from now.

I've also been playing in some Pathfinder Society games. I GMed Night March of Kalkamedes at the spring Game Knight Game Day and have been playing a few selected scenarios here and there. 

My Alchemist Gravidad died. I'm also finding the d20 Fantasy rules that Pathfinder uses to be somewhat unsatisfying, especially compared with Tom Moldvay's Basic D&D rulebook. I'm not the first person to say this, nor is this the first time I've mentioned it, but Moldvay's presentation of the D&D rules may be the single best version ever made and are especially the most elegant.

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