Monday, February 14, 2011

Mechanics of Love

They other day I was thinking about how in all the groups I've played RPGs with there has never been a PC that had any kind of romantic, sexual, or any kind of relationship, other than that of a formal one of a party member acting with other party members and NPCs.
I've read about grand romances and marriages that have occurred in other peoples games over time and began thinking about how I could introduce that kind of narrative to my campaign. I don't think my players are inclined to follow this dramatic vein in roleplaying so I thought what might be preventing them. I came to the conclusion that it was because neither I or them had ever discussed attraction while playing. 

Below is a mechanic for determining attraction and the conditions related to it that can lead to something further. In addition it provides benefits for trying to look attractive and being involved in a relationship in game.
I don't personally think this is better than good roleplaying but its interesting to me anyway.

When encountering other characters the referee should check for attraction. This can be done at anytime during the encounter and could be due to any factors governed by charisma. One check per encounter unless the referee determines that something significant has changed (For example a character that was found severely wounded appears later at camp all cleaned up). Attraction is passive so there is no level bonus for C&C and no ability bonus for 3.5 OGL. It is assumed that players can choose their character’s sexual orientation and only characters that are within that orientation need be checked against. I’m sure min/max players will love choosing asexual. 
Roll for resistance versus attraction:
C&C: CL is the attracting character’s CHA modifier without level/HD bonus.
3.5 OGL: resistance is a Wil save vs. CHA score of the attracter. No ability modifiers except for the ones listed in the Attraction Modifiers table below.
Mutual Attraction
Mutually attracted characters will automatically comply with requests by the other character as long as it is not contrary to alignment or harmful to themselves. 
Mutually attracted characters are unable to properly use persuasion and seduction against one another. Although the referee can let them think they can try.

Infatuation is a condition fostered through interaction between characters and those that are attracted to them. 
A roll for resistance vs. infatuation must be made under the following conditions:
• Attracting character is present (once per day)
• Any time an attracted character fails a save vs. persuasion
An infatuated character adds +5 the the CL or DC for Persuasion and Seduction saves (C&C save vs. CHA, 3.5 OGL vs. Will)

Any time an infatuated or in love character witnesses affection between the attracter and someone else they must roll for resistance to jealousy. In love characters receive a +1 bonus per month in love to a maximum of + 5 until year 2 is reached at which point an additional +1 is granted and thereafter again after every five years. This reflects a greater level of trust.
C&C vs. CHA CL = affection giver’s CHA modifier plus level.
3.5 OGL vs. Wil plus affection giver’s CHA modifier.

A character that fails a roll against jealousy immediately become hostile toward the character the attracter is interacting with. The player can choose to have their character be passive in their hostility if they choose but the details must be worked out with and approved by the referee.
A character can make a persuasion attempt against a character that is infatuated  or in love with them. Persuasion acts as if the character had cast a charm spell. Persuaded characters take a -5 modifier to seduction. Characters cannot be persuaded to copulate unless they are in love. See Love below.
Seduction is an intentional attempt at attraction. The character must make an attraction attempt vs the intended target. The character must be undisturbed in much the same way as casting a spell.
CL = CHA modifer +level/HD minup target’s WIS modifier
DC = 10 + CHA modifier minus target’s WIS modifier
If successful the target gets a saving throw (C&C vs. CHA, 3.5 OGL vs. Wil)
A character under seduction acts as if they had been placed under a geas spell by the seducer.
Seduction can be used to influence a character who is attracted to copulate.
Any characters that are mutually attracted can choose to fall in love.
Characters that are in love probably do not refuse requests of copulation. A character in love can be persuaded into copulation. Afterwards that character can choose to fall out of love if they desire. Being in love bestows the following benefits.

Ability Modifier Adj.
Intelligence     +1
Wisdom               +1
Charisma            +3
Characters who are in love with someone who no longer reciprocates that love must make a resistance roll or suffer from rejection once per day.
C&C save vs. Attracter CL = CHA modifier plus level
3.5 OGL save vs. will DC = 10 plus CHA modifier
Minus 1 cumulative modifier for every time the attracter is hostile toward the character or instigates jealousy.
Characters who fail their save suffer penalties equal to the bonuses for love and can thereafter no longer receive love bonuses from the previous attracter.  Characters who make their save receive the full bonuses for love.  Characters who suffer from rejection must thereafter make a successful save once per day for a week to negate the effects of rejection.
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Copulation
Characters that copulate receive the following benefits and penalties per day.

Ability Modifier  Adj.
Strength               +2
Dexterity              +2
Constitution        +1
Intelligence         -1
Wisdom               -2
Charisma            -2
Copulation is addictive so a character who has not copulated once every 1d12 days takes the following penalties unless they save vs CON.
Ability Modifier Adj.
Strength          -1
Dexterity         -1
Charisma    -1
Intelligence  -1
Wisdom          -1
Characters who abstain from copulation must make a successful save 1d4 more times
before they lose their compulsion.
List of Attraction Modifiers to Charisma
Category Sub-category Bonus
Dress Fine Clothing +2 CHA modifier
Nudity or Partial Nudity x2 CHA modifier

Actions Flirtatious +1 CHA modifier
Suggestive +2 CHA modifier
Erotic +3 CHA modifier

Adornments Common +1 CHA modifier
Fine +2 CHA modifier
Luxurious +3 CHA modifier
Status Symbol                                                +1/-1 CHA modifier 
                                                (Uniforms, Symbols of authority etc). per difference in
Makeup (as per culture) +1 CHA modifier
Modifiers stack, thus a crown, an object that is Luxurious and a Status Symbol is +3 plus difference in social standing.
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