Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wyrm Issue 3

The Wyrm Issue 3 is finally up.

If anyone has a lead on any OSR short fiction please let me know.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stand Up for Your Tokens

Last Tuesday I picked up some plastic stands for cardboard tokens from my FLGS. Just over a month ago I was going over some old BattleTech stuff after taking a look at Neuroshima Hex on my iPhone due to a recommendation by a friend. I had no idea of what had gone on in that game since 1990. This game has really spawned a fan base. The Unseen - who knew? Those are the only BattleMechs I know. 

Well I uncovered all the new "Classic BattleTech" stuff from Catalyst Game Labs and wanted to be able to produce my own tokens with stands from the files they provided. Thus the order for the stands.

Well I am more than pleased with these things. $4.00 for ten stands seems pretty reasonable. That's $40 for 100 individual game pieces. The ones I got are from Fantasy Flight Games and they look great made out of clear plastic, much better than the ones that came with the BattleTech game.

I eventually hope to use these with a combination of miniatures for use in Fields of Battle by Troll Lord Games. This product is probably the best miniatures wargame product I've ever seen, at least for me, because it allows you to bring your FRPG characters right in with the units. Finally a smooth way to have the PCs enter the epic battle. I found the paper tokens that came with the set and the maps pretty much useless (and perfect examples of Peter Bradley's crappy smeary smudgy Photoshop style - its not the only style he has - its just the only one here). One might be better off to just purchase the PDF for this product because the content, if not the packaging, is brilliant. 

I would also like to make common monster miniature tokens to use with my Legends of Early Greyhawk campaign for Pathfinder. They'd be great for TSR's Marvel Super Heroes and Adventures of Indiana Jones too.

Back to Basic

Lately I've been thinking about having an event at a park in the city where I live centered around D&D. A Dungeons & Dragons in the Park kind of thing. To facilitate it the game would have to be simple, possibly a classic module and likely require pre-gen characters. Ideally there would be some players that had never played before. As part of my prep I've been going over some classic modules and looking at the LBBs. As far as the OD&D books go I'm not likely to run my game with them, preferring the Moldvay version of the game. However what I did get around to doing was to print up a number of replica OD&D character sheets in yellow, green and blue. There is just something exotic about these sheets (front and back) to me and I wish that I'd have had a chance to play this version of the game back in 1982 when I started with Moldvay Basic (The group I played with were using AD&D rule books along with the Basic Set to run there games). In fact I didn't even know this version(OD&D) of the game existed until 2005. It must have been 1984 before I ever saw a version of the Holmes Basic Set and I remember at the time thinking that what the kid on the playground held in his hand must be from some sort of alternate universe.

Going over modules I'd like to consider running I got involved with B1 In Search of the Unknown. Looking at its fill in the monsters and treasure yourself design I began to consider using it as the basis for a side trek in my Pathfinder game. Originally that area was to be made using geomorphs but looking at B1 and its detailed area descriptions and interesting background story I think it might make a better fit. If i go this way I'll post the details on how I stocked it.