Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The OSR Compendium

It seems to me that what the OSR community needs to draw more attention to itself and to survive into posterity is some sort of rules compendium, a publication of the best additions the community has offered so far. 

 Who would edit such a thing, and how would they organize it? In other words who would be the taste maker here and what would such a person's criteria be? 
I suspect it would be possible that more volumes would come out in response if the first was not what was wanted. 

Personally I'd like to see a selection of mostly universal mechanics that stated what system they were intended for. They would all have to be something a person would actually use. Already some of the OSR contests are making it clear that One Page Dungeons and Random Gaming Tables are popular. That makes sense because game masters are creative people and they don't want something that is campaign specific or too flavoured, they want cool, inspiring and easy to incorporate where needed to add some additional detail or excitement.

Then again hot elf chick drawings may be all the online OSR community is ever remembered for.