Sunday, November 20, 2011


JimCon was a great time.
Friday evening I played Twilight Imperium from 3:30 until 11:30. It was fun. Sure didn't seem like eight hours.

I ran Dark Journey for Castles & Crusades on Saturday morning and afternoon. I had three players playing a total of four characters. Pretty fun stuff but it was really loud in the main room and a bit hard to talk over all the activity. We didn't finish (only cleared out most of the first level) but I got to run through character generation and show off the system for people who have never played C&C before.
New players picked up the SIEGE Engine mechanic right away.

At 6:30 I played Blood Under Absalom for Pathfinder Society. Super cool multi-table event. My Elf Sorceror character Azdiron really made use of his raven familiar Nebulus to deliver  Shocking Hands touch attacks.

I took sunday off to spend with my girlfriend and family. I was going to play a Mentzer Basic game but by the time I ate breakfast I'd decided that I was on RPG overload. I also wanted to play Dawn Patrol as someone was running it and I'd never played it before.

Also of Interest was the Avalon Hill  Dune board game just sitting around waiting to be played. I'd have been all over that, as I've been wanting to check it out now for several months, but I didn't have the time.