Thursday, March 17, 2011

A notch or more

I was reading about character death in the CKG and there was a part on WW1 flying aces and counting kills. This was given as an example of what not to do with your player's characters as a CK (DM/GM/Referee). But as I thought about this I find that its the perfect thing to do to your GM screen. I proposing putting a red dot (although I might print skulls) on the player side of the screen for every character that dies. This is great especially for d20 where balance has taken the danger out of adventuring. The more dots you have on the screen the more the players feel they have to get serious about what they are doing. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Geomorphs - the City

I've been thinking of a set of geomorphs over the last couple of days, and here is why. Even though I like the fly by the seat of your pants way I've been handling urban encounters in my Legends of Early Greyhawk campaign I noticed that my players have been seeking out a lot of different shops and taverns ect. which is to be expected. So a started to think that I could have a little map for each one of these kinds of places ready to go in my binder for when it is needed. The problem is that they really go to town when they go to town, and it would start getting weird if every type of place looked the same. The answer, geomorphs. Although there may be similarities at least each location would be different in size, layout and possibly number of floors. I could get a couple of 5"x 5" and a pair of 3 x 5" tiles on a letter sized sheet of card. At 5ft. per inch I think I have the basis for a really interesting set of urban geomorphs.