Thursday, December 13, 2012

JimCon II

Ok so a lot has been happening since my last post.

JimCon II
I ran three games at what is becoming Winnipeg's best gaming convention.

Friday evening was Battle Tech. Me and Ray (who writes Shadowrun stuff for Catalyst Game Labs) played a game of my own invention where his mech lance (House Steiner) was attempting to beat rival factions to a drop ship lost for over 200 years. In the way was a lance of Com Star mechs blocking any transmissions allowing for the request of reinforcements. Ray was able to aquire the signal jamming trasmitter, winning the scenario. I had a couple of other scenarios planned that led to the drop ship and its cargo but Ray had to check out some other tables. It was a great game. We used the Total Warfare rulebook, which I find is very much the same rules as the original boxed set that I brought along with me.

Saturday was Castles & Crusades.
What a downer – nobody signed up to play. I had a couple of people look over the rule books and a few were even interested in playing until a Pathfinder table opend up for them.  I did an interview for TV and rescued a dog wandering around in the parking lot. Thanks JimCon volunteers for helping me out!

Sunday was Gamma World (2nd Edition)
We played an adventure of my own divising that took place around the "Free Town of Pinawa".
Turns out that one of the players was actually from Pinawa, Manitoba.
I wasn't quite prepared for all the charts in this game but it seemed like everyone had as much fun as I did. I really found the system refreshing to run in its uncomplicated rules set. Everything was there in that ancient box.