Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been Busy With Work - Hang Tight Folks We Have Something Good in the Works

I couldn't help quoting the home page message from the Gygax Games Website
Been busy with work so I've been neglecting the blog.

I want to talk about my "Legends of Early Greyhawk" campaign in future post and a few other ideas that I hope I wrote down somewhere because the details have slipped my mind at the moment. 

Started running "Council of Thieves" for my Pathfinder group a couple of weeks ago as scheduling has put a pause if not an end to my Legends campaign.  So looks like its more Council tonight.

In other news I'm taking a bit more of a fascination than usual with the Ongoing Campaign section from the Dungeon Masters Guide. The Six Guns & Sorcery and Mutants & Magic conversions for Boot Hill and Gamma World respectively have always interested me although I've never played either game. This looks like the seed of the what would evolve into the multi-genre roleplaying system, Dangerous Journeys being the stillborn fruition of this concept for Gygax (Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying had already been doing this for some time). Mythus was the only genre published before TSR sued GDW for ownership of the system. Unhallowed, a horror genre was partially written but never published. 

I find that the d20 system takes much inspiration from this concept and the multi-genre idea seems obvious now, but look at the DMG Ongoing Campaign section and the genre mixing idea is present although the unified system idea seems to be several years down the road for most designers and publishers at that time.