Thursday, May 9, 2013

d30 Quest

Some people really don't like the "funky" (I can't stand that word) dice included as part of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rules. I'm not one of them. I like dice, especially RPG dice, a lot. When I first noticed the GameScience "Zochi" dice I was interested right away but didn't move toward a purchase mostly because of a single die in my collection - the d30.

My d30 purchased c. 1986 at Hans Christian Toys at the local mall.

At the time I thought this was the coolest thing ever, even though I'd never read any rules that used the thing, and I had assumed that said rules would be forthcoming (why else make the thing - right?). That didn't really happen, at least not for me. My friend Chris, whom I ran most of my dungeons for, also bought one. We never used it for anything other than rolling to hit or for damage (and not under any house rule either - just when we thought it would be crazy). The only hint I ever received that this chunk of plastic had any use in an RPG was when I discovered that The Armory published a book of tables for use with it. I can't remember when I first discovered this product and I can't remember if I saw an advertisement for it or saw it at a game store. I've never had one in my hands but you can look at one online here.

It's a crime that this wasn't included with every d30.

So DCCRPG comes along and I'm super excited about this. I want to see how the new dice work in the game and I have a reason to get new dice (I lie to myself that this is even a requirement to get more dice). Best of all my d30 is actually good for something.

I order a 12 piece Gamescience set  on eBay and it was great except that it doesn't come with the d7 or d30 so I have to get those extra at my FLGS. I see what they have at the store and the d30 is huge (I already thought the d30 I had was massive) and has nothing even close to a hard edge on it. I'm not a big fan of "polished" dice and this one is by far the worst. So what do I do next. I find another set of dice I can use for DCC with mostly different shapes and go and buy those too even though they are mismatched sizes and the d30 is exactly like the one I bought at my FLGS. I'm still glad I bought them however.

Nice useless pips under the 16, 19, 26 and 29 Brainiac.

So what I decide I really want is to be able to find a d30 like the one I originally had. It's pretty beat up so I'd like to have a new one or one like new even though it still rolls better than the two newest ones I've acquired. Then I get word from my friend Jim that there is a d30 like the one I want in with a bag of other used dice for three dollars. I'm still not sure what kind of dice some of those are, but the d30 is exactly like my old d30 except for the colour and much better condition. What great luck.

A real treasure.

I don't know if these are GameScience or Armory, but they don't wear as well as any other GameScience dice I own so I'm going to assume they are Armory. The bigger ones I am lead to believe are Koplow. Besides those three, I can't find any other companies or styles of d30, but I'll keep looking.

My two styles compared to a GameScience d20.

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