Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monetary Systems for Anethemalon Campaign

So here is the monetary system I plan to use for my upcoming Anethemalon campaign. (The Dying Empires was my original campaign cobbled together from my earliest adventures, I was 10 - 15 years old at the time, and is related to Anethemalon).
This campaign is supposed to contain the "masterpiece" super adventure I wanted to create just before I stopped playing RPG's in the early ninties. Its the main reason I began looking at RPGs again and how I discovered the OSR. My plan is to use Castles & Crusades because I want an AD&D feel and access to resources, but can really do without the cumbersomeness. C&C plays with the fluidness of Moldvay/Cook/Marsh D&D, the version of D&D my group and I played the most.

Dying Empires & Anethemalon Campaigns

5 gp = 1 pp 
1 gp = 2 ep
1 gp = 20 sp
1 gp = 200 cp
10 ep = 1 pp
2 ep = 1 gp
1 ep = 10 sp
1 ep = 100 cp
pp = Sovereign (s)
gp = Crown (c)
ep = Royal (r)
sp = Noble (n)
cp = Guilder (g)
Common currency is the Royal.
C&C Conversion with gp being common and equal and 1 Royal being half a gold piece
2 pp = 1 C&C pp or 10 C&C gp
1 gp = 1 C&C gp
2 ep =  1 C&C gp
20 sp  = 10 C&C sp or 1 C&C gp (2 sp = 1 C&C sp)
200cp = 100 C&C cp or 1 C&C gp (2cp = 1 C&C cp)

This is essentially the same rate of conversion as AD&D but the pieces are named by value rather than material and the common piece here is the Royal or ep. I'll probably make up an equipment list with conversions to Royals based on the C&C lists with some other sources added on to present to my players.


  1. Ah, the original Gary Gygax money system from 1e. Great stuff!

  2. It seemd to make the most sense. A good transition per unit. Based on 1 ep its cp = 100, sp = 10, gp = .5 and pp = .1. I compared OD&D, Modvay D&D (same as Mentzer), AD&D, C&C/3.5 D&D, Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds and Castle Zagyg -Yggsburgh. I like more than 4 common coin types and the names I gave my coins are to suggest what socio-economic class is likely to use these and for what purpose. a Guilder being for commoner transactions, A Noble for upper class transactions, a Royal for luxurious transactions, a Crown for expenses related to the monarch (worth of ransom?) and a Sovereign for transactions between states. If a part finds gold in the dungeon then they know what kind of a hoard it is.