Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finishing "Deities of Anethemalon"

Spending the day adding the last few details to my Deities of Anethemalon document.
So far this is just a list of nine deities corresponding to the nine alignments. Its a simple start based on the format in "Of Gods & Monsters".
Once I'm done this first step I'll post it as a PDF.
I plan on at least doubling the list of deities based more on role rather than on alignment.
At some later point I want to create the list of gods for the age that precedes this one.

This setting is actually one where the gods have lost interest in the affairs of mortals and many have left the world. At the campaign start time several of the deities on this list are new compared to others as they are the replacements to the gods that disappeared. This creates a push pull between the gods as the new ones are more interested in gaining new ground and the older ones are reluctantly forced to act from the pressure being put on them. Let's just say the gods know something here that most mortals do not.

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