Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Deals on C&C and bringing more players to the table

Troll Lord Games is having a sale on some items until Thursday.
If you have at all been interested in Castles & Crusades I suggest you check it out.

Of particular interest is that "Of Gods & Monsters" and "Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde" are on sale as a set. I would also suggest pre-ordering  C&C Complete, a boxed set of Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure and Castle Keeper's Guide. That will pretty much get you a complete set of C&C Books. 
Also take advantage of the free PDF offer for the latest issue of Crusader.

As per my previous post I think that C&C, as a rules light game, has the potential to bring more new players to the table. Although I do play Pathfinder I find it somewhat bloated. Rolemaster comes to mind here, lots of crunch at the expense of playability. Although Pathfinder is a great improvement over D&D 3.5 its still d20 and suffers from the rules bloat style that Monte Cook brought over from his time at I.C.E. (the developer of Rolemaster).

Lets look at Pathfinder in relation to targeting new players. I think that the 3.5 OGL obsession with game balance and focus on cool abilities to create cool characters is much too complex for new players. Players could and should make their characters cool with back stories and deeds. Also I really think its going to take more than the religious use of "her" and "she" in the rule books to attract new female players. I personally think that "crunch" or rule mechanics are a sub-interest in RPG gaming and have been emphasized in RPG development to cater to what is an inevitably shrinking male demographic. This being said what Pathfinder has going for it, especially for new female players (this is in addition to its inclusive language use in its rule books) is a cool setting (Golarion, a setting created to include several fantasy/sci-fi type genres with alluded reference to settings in the RPG tradition) supported by interesting NPCs and locations in their adventure path publications. To me it seems obvious that Pathfinder is doing so well not because it has a great set of rules, its because it has a lot of cool new support material.

In order to assist anyone who is interested in getting involved in some of the Pathfinder materials with a more agile set of rules check out this article from the Goodman Games forum on conversions to C&C.

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